Team building
Mission Ascension

Mission Ascension

You are the adventurers !

Team building
Pioneer of the Peaks

Pioneer of the Peaks

Become a mountain pro

Team building
Winning Bet

Winning Bet

Place your bets !

Team building
Savoie ou Pas

Savoie ou Pas

The Savoyard passport is yours

Team building


Who will be the champion ?

Craft your day with our experts

For several years, team-building activities have evolved beyond being just a passing trend and have proven their benefits! Bringing your colleagues together during a playful interlude in your seminar will have a positive impact on relationships and the energy in your work environment. In a friendly atmosphere, you'll foster teamwork and enhance collective success. Whether you're facing a crisis, aiming to strengthen human connections, or simply want to enjoy a warm time with your company members, there's never a wrong time to plan a unifying activity! If you're wondering what activity to propose and where, Agence 1786 will be delighted to organize your company's team-building event in the Alps!

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A group of colleagues take a break for a team photo during their company seminar

1786 offers you unique and original activities for your mountain team building

We are dedicated to providing you with a wide range of diverse and unprecedented, playful, and motivating animations. Our goal: meet your expectations and needs through original team-building activities!

We also aim to immerse you in the culture of our region. Their creation required long hours of speaking Savoyard dialect, tasting génépi or local wines. We also had to come up with names for folklore teams and organize contests for the most beautiful igloo... but we do it with pleasure, after all, it's our job!

Colleagues learning to tie climbing knots during Mission Ascension team building in the Alps

Our team building challenges

Whether they take place outdoors or indoors, our team-building challenges will provide all your colleagues with a real moment of interaction. Divided into small groups, all members of your company will compete in playful, sports, or cultural challenges.

Adapted to each season of the year, these animations are the ideal way to spend time together outside the office. While respecting the professional framework, they offer a break from the routine. They also help create lasting bonds among colleagues.

❄️ For an unusual winter activity, discover the Savoie ou Pas. Savoyard immersion guaranteed!

♟️ The perfect indoor team-building idea: the Winning Bet!

🏔️ For a challenge at the foot of Mont Blanc, choose the Mission Ascension or the Pioneer of the Peaks!


Materials for the treasure hunt in Chamonix that can be done as a team building challenge

Our team building treasure hunts

Our treasure hunts bring interaction and unity to a group, as each member must utilize their talents to solve puzzles.

In teams, you'll wander through the streets of a city, within the rooms of a castle, or even by car, from village to village! Embark on a search for puzzles and other clues to succeed in the challenges.

Our various rallies can also be customized at the location of your choice.

🔎 Dive into the history of the race to Mont Blanc in this unique Enigmatorium®!

🏰 Experience an incredible team-building event in a castle with the Historic Games specially designed for Montrottier Castle!

🚗 Explore Alpine roads and local terroir with our Rally Express team-building activity!

Game board for the Casino des Sens organized during a company evening in the Alps

Our corporate evening entertainment

They will bring a connection between all your colleagues who, gathered in the same room, will experience a real moment of relaxation. A great way to learn more about each other!

Discover unsuspected interests of everyone. Share moments of laughter. Use your knowledge of songs, general or Savoyard culture, and take on playful challenges during our evening activities!

🏔️ The Soirée Explorateur, an unusual team-building event to discover the secrets of nature, followed by a traditional and warm dinner!

🎤 The Prime Time, the ultimate team-building activity for cohesion!

🍷 The Casino des Saveurs for an oenology team-building event in the heart of Savoyard vineyards!


Landscape of the Savoyard vineyards at the foot of Mont Granier, in the Chartreuse massif

The Alps: a unique playground for your corporate activities

Whether for small or large groups, summer or winter, indoor or outdoor team-building, we will find an offer that meets all your expectations!


A variety of enchanting locations!

Wondering where to host your event? Planning to offer your company's team-building activity in the Alps? Numerous possibilities await you! Take advantage of our local expertise to find the perfect location for your cohesion activity.

Our tourist region is filled with natural spots and diverse facilities to cater to all your desires.

We will be delighted to tailor the optimal solution for your professional event:

  • in the mountains,
  • among vineyards,
  • in a castle,
  • near lakes,
  • in the streets of our characterful towns,
  • in a reception hall,
  • or in an authentic restaurant.
Briefing of the team building process at the foot of the Aiguilles Vertes in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

In the Alps, each season has its charm!

Throughout the year, come and experience an exceptional and friendly moment in the heart of our mountains!

What team-building activities to organize for your snow seminar?

⛷️ Enjoy the alpine ski slopes of the renowned Three Valleys and Tarentaise stations. Add a collective challenge Savoie ou Pas: the winning combo for immersion in Savoyard culture!

🥾 Near Megève or Chamonix, go snowshoeing with your guide and experience a Soirée Trappeur in an authentic restaurant. Reblochon, raclette, Savoy wines, anecdotes of all kinds: we know how to host in the Alps!

🎯 Do you want to compete, among colleagues, in activities unique to our region? We'll propose hitting the mark in the Biathlon Challenge. Or... you'll have to run! Otherwise, igloo building, for us, is sacred and the perfect winter team-building activity!

A paraglider flies above Lake Annecy, departing from the Col de la Forclaz

Are you organizing your company event approaching summer?

🏖️ Take advantage of the beaches or areas near the lakes in the region for a team-building day around Olympiads! A dreamy landscape, sunshine, entertaining challenges, and laughter: a real break to kick off the beautiful season properly!

🚶‍♂️🚶‍♀️ Want to explore other breathtaking panoramas? Let yourself be guided on hikes in the Mont Blanc massif during your professional event in Chamonix.

🌊 The lakes of Bourget and Annecy will also offer the perfect playground for any initiation to water sports. After the effort, the comfort, in one of our partner restaurants, with a view of exceptional landscapes, for a superb day of cohesion.

A group of hikers walk at the foot of a high peak covered in glaciers

Are you organizing a company team-building event in the Alps, in spring or autumn?

🚵‍♂️ It will be the perfect time to saddle up on your electric bike for a guided ride on the trails of our mountainous massifs.

🧐 Discover a historical site, such as the Château de Montrottier, in a unique way, and dive into the past with our Historic Game. Or embark on the conquest of Mont Blanc in the streets of Chamonix, alongside Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard, thanks to the Enigmatorium® Mont-Blanc.

🍇 Bet on your knowledge of vineyards and Savoy wines during a Casino of Flavors, ideal for your indoor evenings or activities.

Are you looking for a green company seminar? 

🌿 Explore the environment of the Chartreuse massif, near Grenoble, during a nature-themed team-building.

🥾 Embark on a guided hike in the Bauges mountain range, overlooking Chambéry, Aix-les-Bains, and Annecy.

The entire Agency 1786 team

Turn to Agence 1786 to organize your company's team-building event in the Alps!

Our professional team is at your service to cater to all your desires and needs during your corporate seminar!

We are the creators of our own activities

We aim to offer you animations that stand out from the ordinary!

Developed in-house, at the agency's premises, by our event team, they required a lot of Research and Development time! There were bows held upside down, hours spent imagining blindfolded courses or somewhat quirky challenges! Not to mention peeling potatoes or epic obstacle races... Well, you'll understand quickly after trying them!

We want to stay attentive to all the novelties we could design for you. Therefore, we will always be very happy to create a tailor-made team-building event for you with playful and original activities.


We bring you our expertise on corporate seminars in the Alps

Our event agency is attentive to your needs and expectations to organize a team-building day or a corporate seminar that reflects your image. We will suggest services that align with your desires and objectives, whether for a single day or multiple days.

Thanks to our expertise in the Alps and our network of professional colleagues, we can offer you:

  • various animations,
  • meals in special locations,
  • scheduling meeting times,
  • transportation services,
  • gourmet breaks,
  • one or more nights in partner hotels, etc.

We take care of orchestrating your personalized and tailor-made event from A to Z, coordinating all stakeholders. Entrusting us with the entire process ensures you have a single point of contact, saving you valuable time and delegating significant workload.

On the actual day, our on-site team's presence allows you to enjoy what you've envisioned! Attentive to every detail, we will ensure the smooth running of your professional event.

👉 Discover how our agency can assist you in organizing your seminar in the Alps.

Let's orchestrate a company team-building event in the Alps tailored to your needs. Prepare it in the destination of your choice, whether for one of our essential activities or for a customized animation!



Treat yourself and experience thrills all year round with our tailor-made holidays.

Download our brochure to find out more about our customized stays and destinations.

If you're still undecided about your next team-building activity, download our 'Book of Ideas' to find inspiration...


"Everything went really well. We had a great time. Very nice atmosphere and the animation/the animator super! We had a good laugh, sang and danced!"

Team building

Teambuilding wine and cheese tasting in Savoie, January 2024. The sommelier was perfect. The products were enjoyed. A big thank you, it was a success for all the participants.

Team building

Very nice experience! A beautiful hike, although a bit short considering the bus travel time to reach the Plateau du Revard. The team enjoyed not only the hike but also the sweet and savory snack on the terrace of the mountain restaurant facing Mont Blanc.

Team building
Travel like a local in the Mont Blanc area.
Turn every moment into an unforgettable experience.
Venture off the beaten path in a perfectly mastered territory.