Agency 1786 is a bespoke travel agency in the Alps, specializing in crafting personalized stays amidst the mountains. We also offer a range of unique and authentic experiences in the Alps, as well as team-building activities and corporate seminars, along with year-round private transfer services. Discover here our history, our philosophy, and our passionate team dedicated to the Alps!

The story of Agence 1786

The first question you might ask yourself (and you would be absolutely right to do so) is: why 1786?

To answer that, we need to go back to the year 1786. For many years, the ascent of Mont Blanc has been the subject of numerous unsuccessful attempts by various experienced climbers, following the same routes.

On August 7, 1786, in the silence of the vast white landscape, two Chamoniards, Jacques Balmat and Michel Paccard, took a different path. They ventured onto a route that had never been attempted before, never explored... By embarking on this lesser-known path compared to most other climbers, their strategy paid off. These two Savoyard pioneers, who knew the mountains and their native lands well, achieved the first ascent of Mont Blanc on August 8, 1786, reaching the summit at 4,810 meters!

It is this same approach that has guided us since the creation of Agency 1786 in 2015: to introduce travelers to the Alps in a unique and off-the-beaten-path way! Our team is primarily made up of locals, who have grown up and lived here, or who have adopted the Alps as their playground. We are true lovers of the mountains, lakes, picturesque towns, and vineyards of the Alps!

We thus put our knowledge and expertise of the Alpine region at your service, to provide you with original, unusual, and authentic experiences!

Through our tailor-made travel services and activities in the Alps, corporate seminars, and private transfers in the Alps, we offer you a true immersion into the best and most beautiful that the region has to offer!

The values of Agence 1786

At Agence 1786, we offer you the opportunity to travel to a single destination that we know like the back of our hand: the Alps! Our mission is to provide you with a memorable, unique, and authentic experience, discovering the natural and cultural diversity of the Alps. To achieve this, we take you to the most beautiful places in the region, and we seek out the best producers, artisans, and guides in the area for you!

With our expertise in the Alpine region and our know-how, we provide you with a comprehensive range of services: customized travel packages, private transfers, organizing your corporate events, as well as intimate and exclusive excursions!

A group of friends tasting a Savoie red wine
Two hikers accompanied by a guide during a hike in the Alps
A Savoie farmer feeding hay to his cows

Our commitments at Agence 1786

At Agence 1786, our promise is to provide you with expertise and attentive listening when sharing your project and desires, and to respond to you with reactivity and professionalism.

We commit to anticipating your needs, being available and flexible in planning your customized travel or event, and assisting you 24/7! And of course, we do all of this with passion!

We are a responsible travel agency, based in the heart of the Alps, and we are committed to protecting our culture and working with local partners such as producers, artisans, and guides. Through this, we make it a point to contribute to the region's development by distributing and reinvesting our economic benefits in the community. We also advocate for sustainable tourism that respects our environment.

Additionally, we will always communicate with you with integrity, ethics, and transparency, placing your satisfaction and safety first. Our prices are carefully considered, our network allows us to deal directly and limit intermediaries. Finally, our rates clearly detail the services offered, and you know how much your trip will cost before even leaving.

Want to learn more? Discover all of our commitments !


One of the most beautiful views of the Mont-Blanc massif from the Col de Balme, accessible during the tailor-made Tour du Mont-Blanc
View of Chillon Castle, perched on the edge of Lake Geneva with beautiful mountains in the background
View of the fountain on Place Saint-Léger in Chambéry, former capital of the Dukes of Savoy

The team of 1786

Each equipped with different yet complementary personalities, we are a human, close-knit team passionate about the Alps, whose main mission is to share with you all the beauty of our region! Meet our team of enthusiasts: 

The entire Agency 1786 team
  1. Damien, the CEO of Agency 1786



    Visionary of the peaks, he climbs every challenge with shots of génépi (and sweets). With each obstacle, he elegantly guides us towards excellence.

  2. Michelle, the Chief Happiness Officer of the 1786 Agency


    Chief Happiness Officer

    With her inexhaustible reserve of 'so charming' anecdotes, she has the gift of making everyone (un)comfortable. Her quirky Franglish and her 'let it snow' attitude reign supreme, bringing American-style authenticity to the forefront.

  3. Stéphanie, individual client project manager at Agence 1786


    FIT Manager

    An expert in the kitchen, she turns every request into a delicious recipe of experiences. With her, all projects are cooked with love (and served with a generous portion of trout)

  4. Quentin, the head of the transport department at Agence 1786


    Transfer Manager

    Master of journeys, he navigates with brilliance between a passion for service and the ability to make every trip as smooth as a snowy ski slope. Always dedicated, his smile and kindness transform every kilometer into a ray of sunshine.

  5. Lionel, private driver at Agency 1786


    Private Driver

    Fearless driver, he's always ready to help out (and grab a coffee at the office). In his company, even traffic jams become magical moments to savor.

  6. Lucas, event project manager at Agence 1786


    Event Project Manager

    Business magician, his jokes are as funny and sharp as his expedition to Chamonix in canvas shoes. He's an icy negotiator with the knack for pretending to watch his waistline.

  7. Marie, assistant event project manager at Agence 1786


    Assistant Event Projet Manager

    Behind her expertise in solving logistical puzzles, lies a sparkling light (and a good sack of potatoes). She's the ace of shadows who throws punchlines with the precision of a master.