High end hotels and mountain refuges in private rooms when possible
Private guide and bags transfer.

The experience of a lifetime - embark on the Tour du Mont Blanc accompanied by a guide!

Day 1 - Discovering the trails and life of the Northern French Alps and Chamonix!

Welcome to the Alps!

Your private driver will greet you at the airport to drive you to Chamonix.

Explore Chamonix with a passionate guide who will introduce you to this renowned destination of mountaineering and share mountain anecdotes surrounding the first ascent of the iconic Mont Blanc.

Enjoy your evening with a dinner in one of the many restaurants in town, and stay at a 4-star hotel.

Day 2 - First step towards lasting memories and Les Contamines

After a hearty breakfast, your private driver will take you to the starting point of the first stage of your Tour du Mont Blanc, where you will meet your mountain guide, who will accompany you throughout the journey.

You will set off with your picnic for a hike of about 6 hours, and you will be accommodated on a half-board basis in a family-run hotel where your luggage will be waiting for you.

Day 3 - Heading towards Les Chapieux

Fuel up with a good breakfast and embark on an important leg of approximately 8 hours to reach Les Chapieux, traversing a natural park reserve, a privileged and preserved area. Enjoy splendid panoramic views above the forest during the journey while savoring your picnic.

You will be rewarded with the discovery of a quaint hamlets along the way for your evening stopover, surrounded by the Beaufortain and Mont-Blanc mountain ranges.

Enjoy a restful night in a family-run hotel on a half-board basis.

Day 4 - Off to Italy!

This morning, you'll need to prepare a small backpack with your essentials for experiencing a night in a mountain refuge. Your main luggage will meet you a bit further along the journey.

After a good breakfast, set out to explore the Italian trails for a hike of about 6 hours. The reward at the end of this route: an exceptional night in the heart of nature at 2000 meters altitude in a mountain refuge, where a local dinner will be served.

Day 5 - Onward to Courmayeur, Italy

One final push before rest and relaxation !

After a wake-up call and breakfast amidst the mountains, embark on an easier hike of approximately 5 hours !

You'll enjoy your picnic along the way as you head towards Courmayeur to discover the dolce vita!

Upon arrival, you'll stay in a 4* or 5* hotel depending on availability, on a bed and breakfast basis.

Take advantage of your evening to explore Italian cuisine in a restaurant of your choice (not included).

Day 6 - Rest day, relax and enjoy the Dolce Vita!

Indulge in a sublime Italian inspired breakfast, then set out to discover the Skyway, a cable car and technical marvel that will whisk you away to stunning high-mountain landscapes at 3,400 meters altitude in record time.

Experience lunch at high altitude at Pointe Helbronner, truly exceptional moments!

Take advantage of your afternoon to relax and enjoy the wellness facilities at your hotel, or wander through the streets of Courmayeur to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere.

Dine at a restaurant of your choice (not included) and spend the night in a 4* or 5* hotel (the same as the previous night).

Day 7 - Ciao Italy Bonjour Switzerland

Enjoy the "Collazione" at the hotel before joining your private driver who will take you to the starting point of your new stage for a hike towards the Swiss alpine pastures, with your packed picnic lunch.

The hike, approximately 5 hours long, will lead you to Orsières located in the canton (county) of Valais at an altitude of 900 meters, where you will stay at a 3* hotel on a half-board basis.

Day 8 - Maybe you'll see Heidi on Swiss trails between Orsières and Champex

Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel and then on you go for your hike of the day on a route of approximately 4.5 hours towards Champex, the "Swiss Little Canada" with its vast forests, lake, and traditional wooden chalets.

You will stay in a luxurious hotel overlooking the lake, on a half-board basis with refined cuisine.

Day 9 - R & R, A well-deserved rest

After a refined breakfast, take advantage of your day to relax by enjoying the wellness facilities, as well as the activities offered by the Champex resort, a renowned hiking destination: boat or pedal boat rides on the lake, walks along the lake shore, visit to the alpine botanical garden, tour of the underground artillery fort...

Enjoy a lunch at your leisure at one of the fine dining establishments in Champex to discover local specialties.

A gourmet dinner and a night in your luxurious hotel will crown your day of rest

Day 10 - Final stretch, heading back to Chamonix and France

After your breakfast, you'll resume your journey for a hike of approximately 5 1/2 hours, heading towards Trient with its picturesque hamlets, where you'll be accommodated in a family-run hotel on a half-board basis.

Day 11 - From Trient to Argentière, returning to the Chamonix valley landscapes

Once you've enjoyed your breakfast, you'll be transferred by private vehicle to the starting point of your hike towards the Chamonix hamlet of Argentière, for a hike of approximately 61/2 hours. You'll enjoy your picnic amidst exceptional landscapes.

Upon arrival, you will stay at a 4-star hotel on a half-board basis.

Day 12 - Return to Chamonix, You did it!

After breakfast, you'll be transported to the starting point of your final hike of this Tour du Mont Blanc, which will last approximately 61/2 hours and take you to the opposite side for exceptional views of the Mont Blanc. The descent to Chamonix will be by cable car, where your private driver will be waiting for you upon arrival.

They will take you to your 5-star hotel where you'll stay on a bed and breakfast basis. You can enjoy dinner at one of the many restaurants in Chamonix (not included).

Day 13 - Bye Bye Chamonix !

You can opt for a few extra nights in Chamonix to enjoy some well-deserved rest and explore the region.

If your journey ends here, your private driver will accompany you to the airport of your choice.

The panorama of the Mont Blanc range from a viewpoint in the Aiguilles Rouges
A hiker walks on a trail and enjoys a beautiful panorama of the Alpine mountains
Colors of a sunset over the Alps mountains and an alpine chalet
A picnic in the purest Savoyard tradition: cheese, cold meats, bread, sausage, small savory biscuits, blueberries and an Opinel
Superb panorama of Mont Blanc
Suggested duration
13 days / 12 nights
Estimated budget
Around 600 EUR per person, per day, based on 2 people

Customize this travel with our experts
"Let the snow fall"
"Step by Step!"

Main information about Tour du Mont Blanc

The cost of your Tour du Mont-Blanc

The rate we provide you with when you request a quote for your tailor-made Tour du Mont-Blanc includes:

  • Nights in inns and refuges or in 4* or 5* hotels.
  • Transfers to the starting points of the hikes.
  • Various meals.
  • Services of the guide or the detailed road-book.
  • Luggage transfers.
  • Our 12/7 assistance.

Don't hesitate any longer and contact us to share your expectations!

The day hikes of the Tour du Mont-Blanc

During this journey through the most beautiful landscapes of the Alps, you hike through three countries and visit these places :

  • Les Houches and Les Contamines;
  • Les Contamines and Les Chapieux;
  • Les Chapieux and Courmayeur, in Italy;
  • Courmayeur and Orsières, in Switzerland;
  • Orsières and Champex-Lac;
  • Champex-Lac and Trient;
  • Trient and Chamonix;
  • Argentière and Planpraz, for a different perspective of the Mont-Blanc massif.

In our program, we integrate some exceptional experiences that allow you to appreciate the adventure in a unique way! We propose visiting the Skyway Mont Blanc from Courmayeur, offering an absolutely extraordinary experience! You will also have lunch with a breathtaking panoramic view of the highest peak in the Italian Alps!

We also include a rest day during the circuit to enjoy a well-deserved break. Take the time to stroll through the picturesque resort of Champex-Lac in Switzerland.

Finally, for a total immersion in the region, we suggest exploring Chamonix. Choose this option upon your arrival or at the end of your hike around the Mont-Blanc massif. If you want to learn more about the history of Chamonix, we can arrange a fascinating guided tour. If you'd rather explore the iconic sites of the Mer de Glace and Aiguille du Midi, everything is possible!


How long is the Tour du Mont-Blanc hike ?

This long-distance hiking trail covers 170 km and has an elevation gain of 10,000 meters. It traverses France, Switzerland, and Italy. The entire trail is ideally completed in 7 to 10 days, depending on your skill level. It's also possible to complete it in a shorter time by choosing to walk on the most interesting stages. In this case, transfers are organized to help you reach the starting points of your excursions.

At Agence 1786, we offer a 12-day itinerary so you can combine trekking and exploring Chamonix, among other experiences.

Share your preferences with us, and we'll create the ideal program to meet all your expectations.

Where does the Tour du Mont-Blanc start?

Your Tour du Mont-Blanc begins in the village of Les Houches, about ten kilometers from Chamonix-Mont-Blanc.

What level is required to do the Tour du Mont-Blanc ?

Although there are no technical difficulties on the TMB, the main challenge is endurance. On average, you will walk for 6 hours a day, covering distances ranging from 13 km to 20 km, with elevation gains of 1,000 to 2,300 meters per stage.

Being in good physical condition is essential to undertake the Tour du Mont-Blanc. It is also crucial to be accustomed to consecutive days of trekking and the elevation gain.

How to train for the Tour du Mont-Blanc ?

Being physically fit is an advantage when embarking on your tailor-made Tour du Mont-Blanc. However, it does not exclude prior preparation. Regular training in hiking, cycling, running, and even swimming is ideal. We also recommend completing two or three multi-day hikes in a row to get accustomed to the routine.

What is the best time of year to do the Tour du Mont-Blanc ?

The best time to undertake the Tour du Mont-Blanc is from mid-June to mid-September. While July and August can be quite crowded on the trail, we recommend coming, if possible, during the shoulder seasons for a more exclusive experience.

In which direction should you do the Tour du Mont-Blanc ?

The classic direction for the Tour du Mont-Blanc starts from Les Houches, heading towards Italy, then Switzerland, and finally Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Following the same direction as most hikers, you'll have more of a feeling of solitude in the mountains.

You can choose to do it in the opposite direction. In this case, you may encounter a bit more people, but you'll also have the flexibility to proceed at your own pace without overtaking groups that might not be walking at the same speed as you.

What is the most beautiful part of the Tour du Mont-Blanc ?

Our personal favorite is the stage at Col de Balme, on the border between Switzerland and France. The panoramic view of the entire Mont-Blanc massif is simply exceptional... Breathtaking!

Do you have any questions about organizing your tailor-made Tour du Mont-Blanc? Our team is at your disposal to answer them and propose the ideal itinerary based on your expectations and desires!

Embark on the trails of the Tour du Mont-Blanc for an extraordinary immersion in the heart of the Alps!

Are you dreaming of doing the Tour du Mont-Blanc? This long-distance hiking route is undoubtedly one of the most renowned in the Alps, and you will quickly understand why! For your tailor-made Tour du Mont-Blanc, turn to Agence 1786, the Alps specialist. We guide you through this unique experience and prepare a program that will meet all your expectations! Explore the wildest landscapes of the Mont-Blanc massif, up close to its eternal snow and the largest glaciers in Europe. Enjoy breathtaking panoramas from passes that bring you closer to the most impressive peaks. Cross alpine meadows and flower-filled pastures, valleys with flowing streams, dense forests, as well as exceptional ridges and balcony paths. Discover remarkable mountain fauna and flora. Find out here everything we offer for this essential adventure in the Alps!


Always available and flexible, they adapt to all our requests, even to our last-minute setbacks and contingencies. The 1786 agency is a reliable and solid partner we can count on in all circumstances


I used the services of 1786 Experiences for a group of 27 people who were able to discover the center of Annecy during a Food Tour on 09/30/2023. The group was delighted, the 3 guides were highly appreciated, and the tastings were of high quality. A perfect experience! I highly recommend them.


Perfect organization without any issues. The creation of a WhatsApp group with all participants is highly appreciated.


Your tailor-made Tour du Mont-Blanc with Agence 1786

With our expertise in the field, embark with confidence on the paths of the Tour du Mont-Blanc. We provide you with all our advice to make the most of this memorable experience, in the heart of preserved nature!

A mountain guide accompanies his clients on the trails of the Alps

The Tour du Mont-Blanc self guided or with a guide?

Embark on a true adventure along the trails. To experience it in the best way, we recommend undertaking the Tour du Mont-Blanc with a guide. The guide provides essential safety against weather conditions and ensures your physical well-being.

Like a little alpine chamois, the guide knows the mountains like the back of their hand! They play the roles of GPS, map, compass, and provide fascinating insights into the privileged environment surrounding you. And that's an experience you can only truly have when accompanied by a passionate guide, for whom the Mont-Blanc massif is their favorite playground!

The guide is also there to facilitate communication with various service providers, such as baggage transfer, hotels, or refuges. They bring a welcome peace of mind, allowing you to fully enjoy your experience!

If you choose to do the Tour du Mont-Blanc without a guide, we provide you with a detailed map and roadbook. These tools enable you to navigate the path smoothly with all the necessary landmarks.

Welcome in a hotel room: towels are folded on the bed

Accommodations and huts on the Tour du Mont-Blanc

For your premium and tailor-made Tour du Mont-Blanc, we reserve rooms for you in charming hotels. The relaxation and rest they provide after a beautiful day of walking are very much welcomed! Authentic, warm, and cozy, in a picturesque setting, you enjoy dinners and breakfasts made from local products. This ensures you have plenty of energy for the rest of the adventure! Some hotels come with a spa area, and your legs will thank you for this well-being break!

Depending on the route, some nights are also planned in mountain refuges with privatized dormitories. This allows you to experience the atmosphere of a mountain refuge while enjoying the comfort of a private room.

A hiker enjoys the mountain landscape and breathes the pure air of nature

Your Tour du Mont-Blanc on foot in 4, 5, 7, 10, or 12 days

With our 12-day itinerary, you have the time to progress at your own pace and discover some of the most beautiful landscapes of the massif. We take you to the most remarkable stages of the Tour du Mont-Blanc. Your guide provides insights into the peaks that overlook you, the flowers and animals encountered, and anecdotes from the world of the mountains.

Want to walk fewer days? We organize a route according to your expectations: more kilometers in fewer days or a hike on the best stages of the trail. Whether you want to complete your Tour du Mont-Blanc in 5 or 7 days, 10 or 12 days, everything is possible and customizable! Let us know your every desire!

For your comfort, we recommend opting for luggage transfer, so you only carry your daypack.