At 1786, we consider ourselves a sustainable travel agency, and we make it a point of honor to respect and protect the region in which we organize our trips. We aim to contribute to the preservation of our culture, participate in local development, and support communities of guides, producers, and artisans by offering sustainable tourism while ensuring the well-being of our travelers and collaborators. So, concretely, what are our commitments in the Alpine region? We explain everything here.

A cheese maturing cellar in Savoie

#1 - Respecting local culture by sharing it with our travelers through authentic experiences

We aim to provide our clients with a total immersion into the heart of Savoyard culture. And what better way to do this than to experience it alongside local guides and artisans?

We offer unique and enriching activities that honor Savoyard traditions and capture the essence of each visited destination, such as Chamonix, Annecy, Chambéry, and Méribel. Among our exclusive offerings, our Food Tour and Wine Tour take you on a journey to discover regional flavors and Savoie wines, visiting renowned winemakers and producers.

All our experiences take place alongside our guides, who hold state diplomas such as mountain guides, high mountain guides, heritage guides, or glaciologists. They are carefully selected for their expertise and ability to raise visitors' awareness of the richness of our territory, both in terms of nature and culture.


The diversity of profiles we offer through our sustainable travel agency allows you to explore the Mer de Glace or Aiguille du Midi in a unique and exciting way, understand the history of Savoie in Chambéry, or learn to recognize the fauna and flora of the Alps! We aim to offer you an exceptional variety of experiences to explore the remarkable resources of the region.

We aspire to create journeys that are not only memorable for our travelers but also leave a positive impact on the communities we have the privilege to visit.

For our professional clientele, who have chosen the Alps as the playground for their corporate seminars, we offer off-the-beaten-path adventures. We have designed team-building activities such as Pioneer of the Summits and Mission Ascent, emphasizing connection with nature, knowledge of the region, and self-transcendence.

A plate of charcuterie and Savoie raw ham

#2 - Contributing to the local development of the Alps

In resonance with our first commitment, we view every interaction as an opportunity to support and strengthen the Alpine communities that welcome us.

Our choice to work with local service providers directly contributes to stimulating the economy of the various territories we explore. We believe in the importance of supporting local businesses and talents that contribute to the wealth and diversity of the region.

When organizing events, even the smallest details reflect our commitment to local development. The snacks we offer consist of Savoyard products that showcase the authentic flavors of the region.

We extend the commitment of our sustainable travel agency beyond tourism services by making local purchases of equipment. For instance, we chose to acquire our laser rifles from Kiwi Précision, a decision that supports not only the quality of our activities but also the expertise and craftsmanship of local artisans.

Together, through these actions, we contribute to building sustainable connections between our travels and local communities, fostering responsible and supportive tourism in our magnificent Alps.

A mountain guide accompanies two clients on the Alpine trails

#3 - Demonstrate integrity, ethics, and transparency to our partners, clients, and employees

These principles are true cornerstones in our commitment to our teams and travelers.

In terms of transparency, we regularly share updates to build trust and involve all stakeholders in our approach. We also aim to create an organizational culture based on honesty, collaboration, and accountability. We believe that transparent practices are essential for building strong and lasting relationships.

Recognizing the importance of constant exchange, we facilitate open discussions with our guides, encouraging a dialogue about our products. These exchanges are crucial for the continuous improvement of our offerings, ensuring they meet our clients' expectations and integrate the in-depth knowledge of our guides about the destinations we explore.

Regarding integrity, we take pride in adhering to the Savoie Mont-Blanc Excellence label, an initiative that goes beyond the mere quality of products and services. This label embodies our vision of harmonizing economic development with resource respect, highlighting quality production with a spirit of solidarity and sharing.

Our commitment is also reflected in our business practices. We offer fair rates, ensuring just compensation for both our service providers and the work invested by our team. We believe in transparency, evident through clear General Terms and Conditions detailed on each quote. We request deposits to secure our services, showing respect for our valuable partners.

To strengthen our commitment to ethical business relationships, we pledge to make prompt payments, settling invoices upon receipt. This practice reflects our respect for our partners.

Our commitment to integrity and ethics is not just a philosophy but a tangible promise that we honor at every step of our journey, demonstrating our determination to establish relationships based on trust, fairness, and mutual respect.

#4 - Promoting responsible tourism through our sustainable travel agency, aligned with the preservation of our rich environment

At Agency 1786, our commitment to sustainable tourism guides each of our actions, reflecting our responsibility towards preserving the planet. We are proud to announce that 75% of our employees embrace sustainable transportation methods, favoring carpooling and public transport, thus reducing our collective carbon footprint.

In our private transfer service, we also encourage eco-driving by rewarding our drivers with a special bonus.

Waste reduction is also at the core of our concerns. We prioritize purchasing products in bulk to minimize unnecessary packaging. We have ditched disposable cups in favor of eco cups and provide water in reusable containers. The implementation of waste sorting bins in our offices and during our events illustrates our commitment to responsible waste management.

In a preventive approach, we anticipate the number of participants to avoid any wastage during our events. Moreover, instead of giveaways, unless specifically requested, we reward our participants with local products, contributing to supporting the local economy while reducing our environmental impact.

These concrete actions demonstrate our firm commitment to sustainability. We are guided by the belief that each small initiative contributes to creating a more environmentally friendly world for future generations.

The team of a company at a seminar in Chamonix poses in front of Mont Blanc

#5 - Advocating for the satisfaction and safety of travelers choosing the Alps as their destination

This is our absolute priority! We understand that each interaction is crucial, which is why we commit to responding promptly to every customer request, ensuring quick and efficient communication.

The trust our travelers place in us is reflected in our 4.9 rating on TrustPilot. We take every comment to heart and respond with a commitment to continuous improvement. Your experience is at the forefront of our concerns, and every review contributes to elevating our level of service.

Human relationships are paramount for our sustainable travel agency, which is why we ensure that a team member is present in 90% of cases during corporate seminars. We believe that human presence adds a friendly and reassuring dimension, ensuring a positive and memorable experience for our participants.

At 1786, your satisfaction and safety are not just promises but commitments that we honor with diligence and passion. Each journey is an opportunity to create exceptional memories while prioritizing your well-being, and we are proud to be part of every step of your adventure.

#6 - Committing to the employees of Agency 1786

At the heart of our commitment to fair relationships and working conditions, we cultivate a diverse team, reflecting gender parity. Indeed, our team comprises 60% women and 40% men. This diversity is the cornerstone of our collective strength, fostering an inclusive professional environment where every voice matters.

We invest in the professional development of our team through regular training and internal meetings. These sessions cover various areas, from business to the latest updates in each department, providing each team member the opportunity to stay at the forefront of their expertise.

We promote an open and collaborative environment through these meetings, an open-space workspace conducive to exchanges, as well as informal moments such as coffee breaks and daily lunches. These practices enhance communication, stimulate creativity, and encourage active participation from each member of our team.

Thus, at Agency 1786, we take pride in fostering a fair environment where diversity shines, and where every individual, regardless of gender, is valued for their unique contributions. These practices strengthen our organizational culture, nurturing a strong team spirit and ensuring that each member of our team can thrive professionally.

To delve deeper, explore our history, philosophy, and team, and discover all the services we offer with our sustainable travel agency for your exploration of the Alps!