Your Executive Committee team building in the Alps: all our tips for successful planning

Would you like to organize an Executive Committee corporate event with all your leadership teams? This event will allow you to meet specific objectives, such as conducting an end-of-year review, establishing a long-term business strategy, or launching a new project. Meeting sessions are essential, as well as team-building activities between work periods. The Alps provide an excellent gathering place, thanks to their accessibility, accommodation capacity, facilities, and variety of activities. The 1786 team, as experts in this destination, will assist you in organizing your professional event in the heart of the Alpine region. Here are some of our tips for a successful Executive Committee team building event!

#1… Establish your intentions for the Executive Committee corporate event

For this type of gathering, it is crucial to have one or more clear objectives for all colleagues present. You might decide to meet to:

  • Review the past year,
  • Celebrate achieved figures,
  • Consider launching a new product,
  • Resolve a problem or crisis,
  • Explore ways to improve internal or external communication,
  • Integrate a new member into the executive committee,
  • Establish a new vision for your company,
  • Enhance the unity of the leadership team,
  • Etc.

By communicating this objective, you avoid wasting time during the corporate event and give your colleagues the opportunity to prepare potential questions. From this, your program will follow: will your event be dedicated to days of meetings and work, or will you choose to include some team-building activities?

With this, you can now select the location for your Executive Committee gathering.

#2… Where to organize your Executive Committee corporate event in the Northern Alps

The French Alps remain an ideal destination for your professional gathering. The region offers well-developed facilities, already renowned for corporate and team-building events in France. Additionally, they provide a particularly conducive environment for rejuvenation, change of scenery, and concentration. Stepping out of your usual environment will also help clear your mind, making room for new ideas! Indeed, what could be better than fresh air, mountains, and natural lakes for inspiration?

Annecy, Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, Aix-les-Bains, Geneva, and Chambéry, among others, offer excellent accommodation capacity, whether for small or larger groups seeking single rooms. Most hotels that can host you have fully equipped meeting rooms where gathering to work will be easy. These cities also feature large congress spaces that can accommodate your conferences and conventions if many people are invited.

Not to mention the main advantage of the Alps: their accessibility. With the train stations of Chambéry, Grenoble, Lyon, and Geneva, and the airports of Grenoble, Lyon, and Geneva, your colleagues can travel from all corners of France, Europe, or the world to easily join you in the French Alps! From these entry points, our transportation service can then handle private transfers for your executive teams to the destination of your choice.

Finally, the Alps offer an excellent range of activities, whether team building events or exceptional incentive outings to thank your associates for their dedication to the company’s projects!

#3… Propose an Executive Committee team building to foster communication and human connections

Your leaders might not see each other often if they don't work in the same offices. Even if they meet regularly, you may still want to provide them with a moment of relaxation outside the company's walls during your Executive Committee corporate event.

There could be several reasons for this: improving internal communication, introducing a new member, offering a day of disconnection or a boost of motivation, and creating even stronger bonds within the team. The goal is, of course, for everyone to embrace the company culture, feeling integrated, involved, and in their place, while sharing common values.

To achieve this objective, team building is the ideal activity. During a fun break that caters to all the desires of your executive committee, you will have the chance to mix and mingle so that your colleagues can get to know each other and discover hidden talents among their peers!

To meet your expectations, we have designed a range of team building activities inspired by the Alpine mountains and Savoy! Our Mission Ascension and Pioneer of the Peaks allow you to take on several team challenges, or rather, roped parties, themed around summits—a subject that has many parallels with managing a company! The Savoie ou Pas immerses you in Savoyard culture, and the Winning Bet confronts you with short trials that will test all your skills, from speed to precision, to general knowledge!

In a small group, it's also an opportunity to try more "intimate" Executive Committee team building activities, such as a mountain bike outing, a guided tour of the Aiguille du Midi, an exceptional evening in an isolated mountain chalet, or a wine and cheese tasting.

Share your desires and expectations with us, and we will create a personalized program for you!

#4… Use an event planning agency to organize an Executive Committee corporate event reflecting your company and leadership team

Choosing the services of a local corporate event organization agency saves you time on preparation and reservations. This way, you can leverage the team’s knowledge and expertise for logistics and activities while focusing on your meetings.

At 1786, we specialize in the Alpine region. For your Executive Committee stay, share with us your dates, ideal duration, desired types of activities and accommodation, planned work sessions or conferences, and the goal of your event, along with your budget. This way, we can offer you a tailor-made program that meets all your needs.

Once you approve, we will handle the hotel bookings, transfers, restaurants, external speakers, and activities. We also schedule your meetings and gourmet breaks and manage the timing.

This frees your mind to focus solely on the objectives of your Executive Committee corporate event, progressing with a trusted team by your side.

We are here to assist you in organizing your Executive Committee team building and corporate event. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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