Traveling in the Alps in spring is to grant oneself a moment of pure contemplation, closest to nature awakening in the heart of the mountains... Starting from October, cities and trails regain their calmness after the peak season, and landscapes transition into an Alpine Indian summer... The shoulder seasons are synonymous with magnificent color changes, tranquil atmosphere, and off-the-beaten-path experiences. Although our activities are feasible throughout the year, some of them are perfect for a journey in the Alps in spring or autumn! Let yourself be charmed by the assets of the Alps during these enchanting seasons...

Where to go in the Alps in spring?

Spring symbolizes rebirth and renewal... As winter fades away, the first rays of sunshine warm the heart and mind, marking the beginning of delightful nature walks. We witness the awakening of vegetation, flowers bursting with myriad colors and scents, taking time for oneself and reconnecting with the present moment. And the Alps, in spring, offer an extraordinary spectacle! Here you'll find all the places that are enhanced by the arrival of the beautiful days and that we recommend discovering during this time of the year!

View of the Annecy castle from the lake and the gardens of Europe

Where to go on a mountain vacation in spring?

Annecy is undoubtedly one of the must-visit Alpine destinations in spring! Wander through its cobbled streets to admire the trees adorned with leaves and the flowers blooming... Also, enjoy a gourmet stroll at the Annecy market to indulge in enticing aromas. From Annecy or Chambéry, you can also visit a farm, where the newborn animals will completely melt your heart! Then, you'll have the chance to embark on making your own cheese during a unique and immersive experience!

Are you on vacation in Aix-les-Bains? Take advantage of a privileged moment to pamper yourself during a sensory day. On the agenda: wine tasting, gastronomic lunch, followed by discovering the hammam and sauna! In other words, a perfect time to release tensions and reconnect with your senses. And what better time to indulge in this experience than spring, the season of renewal?

Additionally, wherever you are in the Alps, we can offer you an in-home massage if you've rented a chalet. Our professional will prepare a little bubble of well-being for you after a good day of hiking or exploring!

The Montenvers train arrives at the station to go and contemplate the Mer de Glace

Lastly, Chamonix represents another excellent destination for your spring vacation in the Alps! Whether with family or friends, embark on our digital treasure hunts for a true moment of bonding, searching for hidden puzzles in the village. Also, in May, when the snow has completely melted, head onto the trails of the Mont-Blanc massif to observe the wildlife emerging from winter and to admire the beautiful mountain flowers

A hiker walks a path among the fir trees, at the foot of the snow-capped peaks of the Alps

Where to hike in April?

April in the Alps can still see some snowfall, cold weather, and humidity. If you're staying in the Alps in April and want to go hiking, we recommend heading to lower-altitude massifs, such as the Aravis (around Annecy), the Bauges (near Chambéry), or the Chartreuse (near Grenoble).

By opting for hiking outings with Agence 1786, you'll be accompanied by professional and local guides, who will be your best allies in navigating an environment that can be somewhat unstable. Also, for snowy passages, slippery or dangerous terrain, it's essential to be well-guided for a successful experience!

A woman contemplates the highest peaks of the Alps from the summit of the Aiguille du Midi

Where to go in the Alps in May and June?

It's the perfect time to start hiking and engaging in outdoor sports activities! You also get to enjoy the tranquility of the mountains since you're there outside of the peak tourist season, which is a real advantage.

Thus, Chamonix, Les 3 Vallées, the Vanoise Massif, Alpe d'Huez, the Aravis, the Bauges, Megève, and Les Portes du Soleil offer you some fantastic options! Discover all our spring hikes, mountain biking excursions, and other essential activities to do during your trip to the Alps!

Where to go in the Alps in autumn?

In the Alps, this period is synonymous with a few more beautiful days in October, followed by the magic of the holiday season slowly beginning to set in from mid-November. We take you on a journey to discover the best experiences to live during your tailor-made stay in the Alps in autumn!

What to do in the Alps in autumn?

In the Alps, the end of summer and the beginning of autumn mark the grape harvest season. As the vine leaves slowly change color and the winemakers work in the heart of their plots, immerse yourself in the world of wine!

At Agence 1786, we wanted to highlight Savoy wine through several unique and unusual experiences. We take you on a Vineyard Tour, either for a half-day or a full day, to learn more about local specifics and taste some of our best vintages!

Looking to combine palate pleasure with a more active exploration? Embark on a mountain biking excursion through the vineyards! We also offer you the opportunity to enjoy a wine and cheese tasting alongside a professional sommelier, either in the shop of a cheese maker awarded Best Craftsman of France, or in an ancient abbey housing a superb cellar! Finally, don't miss a wonderful excursion to Switzerland to explore the vineyards of Lavaux, as well as the impressive Chillon Castle perched on the shores of Lake Geneva. After all this, you'll be true experts in Savoy and Swiss wines!

Two hikers walk on a mountain trail in an autumn atmosphere
Cellar in which there are numerous barrels and several bottles of wine behind a bar
Sublime autumnal landscape with a sunset behind the snow-capped mountains of the Alps

To continue exploring local gastronomy, join a cooking workshop to discover some of our specialties (often cheese-based, it's true...). By preparing our emblematic recipes, you'll have plenty of delicious dishes to enjoy throughout the winter!

Autumn also guarantees breathtaking mountain landscapes... Imagine the contrast that the first snow creates with the trees adorned with their orange and red leaves: a dazzling spectacle! Enjoy these extraordinary panoramas in the heart of the Vanoise National Park, among others. Outdoor enthusiasts shouldn't miss a hike in this preserved area. With a bit of luck, you'll observe some animals preparing their reserves for winter!

In the valleys, autumn also means Indian summer, even in the Alps! Continue to enjoy the pleasures of alpine lakes by opting for a cruise on Lake Annecy or Lake Bourget!

At the end of autumn, around November, the Alps are adorned with lights for the holiday season and their charming Christmas markets. Want to bring back some authentic souvenirs from your trip to the Alps? Then head to the Christmas villages of Annecy, Chambéry, Montreux, and the sublime Gruyères, which seem straight out of a Christmas movie!

When does autumn start in France?

Officially, autumn begins on September 22nd or 23rd. However, in recent years, September and October have seen very beautiful sunny and warm days, delaying the arrival of autumn until around November.

What is the weather like in the Alps in october and november?

In October, as you may have guessed, you need to be prepared for any weather eventuality! You might enjoy beautiful sunny days with average to cool temperatures, as well as a few rainy days. Generally, November doesn't bring many surprises, with fog and occasional showers being quite common.

View of a Swiss castle erected in the middle of green mountains
Savoyard cheese platter to enjoy with nuts, honey, figs and grapes
A mountain bike ride in the Alps with a guide at sunset
A cyclist contemplates Lake Annecy from a pontoon extending above the water

Spring and autumn in the Alps: imagine your tailor-made stay

There are many advantages to traveling to the Alps in spring and autumn: nature is in full swing, and the region is a bit less crowded.

Share with us the ideas you have for your dream vacation! Our team, specializing in the Alps, will take care of creating the perfect itinerary to meet all your expectations: private transfers to reach the must-visit destinations in the Alps, activities tailored to your interests, charming accommodations based on your budget, the best local restaurants...

Don't hesitate any longer and contact us so that we can start imagining together your personalized itinerary and your tailor-made trip to the Alps for spring or autumn!