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jeudi 16 novembre 2017
Side-trips in the Alps Mont Blanc
"We took a total of 3 side-trips with 1786 travel. The first trip had some unanticipated issues that were beyond the company's control (lake being drained, original guide falling sick). However, some good came out of it as we got to meet Michelle, the owner of the company, who also became our guide. She made the best of the situation and was super nice and accommodating. She took us to a quaint, miraculous little church in the town of Myans then to a lunch in a beautiful restaurant overlooking the Bourget lake. In the afternoon, we did some wine tasting and visited a monastery and a chapel on the hill in a very charming countryside filled with autumn leaves. 
The second trip was also nice. Michelle took us to Switzerland - to the Chillon castle and then to lunch at the Rochers de Naye with a view of Geneva lake from 6 000 feet. The only minor incident was us missing the train going to the Rochers de Naye. We had to drive to a station on the hill for us to get on it half-way. However, Michelle did make up for it by going the extra mile to ensure that we were comfortable and enjoyed - stopping by a sunflower field for some pictures (my parents adore sunflowers) and having coffee & snacks at the Hotel Royale in Evian-les-bains - which was not bad at all. 
The third trip was the best. Michelle took us to Italy, in a charming little town called Courmayeur. The highlight was the cable car ride all the way to the top of the mountain with 360 degree views of the Italian Alps at over 11 000 feet. We had lunch at the stop mid-way and spent a good part of the afternoon taking in the magnificent views of the Alps from the summit. To cap things off with a bang, she knew that my wife and I were celebrating our wedding anniversary that day... She even baked a cake for us and brought some local beer that we could partake at one of the vista points to make the occasion more special.
I would definitely recommend 1786 travel. Michelle and her team were the best."
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